Selenocosmia Sp Stirlingi

Selenocosmia Sp Stirlingi

As an ex severe arachnophobe, this is a huge step for me.

I know handling OWs are not recommended but I really hope to handle an adult T someday.

Rehousing this little guy after people on the tarantula fb page were bashing me about the kotzman’s enclosure size.
How very brave of you @Oompoofishy, nice stirlingii sling too btw. Pfft I wouldn't worry too much about what the clown brigade on Facebook has to say, seems to be a lot of sheep on there, all vomiting the same old story that they heard from a friend of a friend, ( personally I only lasted 3 months on FB because I would take the time to track down ppl and confront them about the responsibility of their comments, even with a pleasant demeanor, ppl would absolutely panic, funny stuff lol)
Yeah the enclosure may be generous but you have plenty of common sense too mate, if your T is doing normal spider stuff and not having too much trouble finding food then who cares, same is if someone kept funnel webs in their glovebox, not your spiders, not your car, not your concern.
Your a great keeper imo
@Rhino1 Thank you! It's just a wee little baby and it might seem silly but I am really excited to not be as fearful as I was before. Thank you so much for your kind words. Just a little shaken from the death of my Kotzman sling and took what people there said to heart.
@Rhino1 Man, I wish I knew the back story on this. Tracking people down on FB, confronting key board only bravery, being assertive on your opinions. All funny stuff to me. Also, sounds like something I would do to. Haha
@Oompoofishy I was doing some maintenance on my P. Sazimai slings and one bolted on me. I didn’t have a catch cup at the ready nor did I have it in another tub like I normally do. I also didn’t turn on the main light. I didn’t want to lose under the table so I used my hand and this sling ran all over me. After 10 minutes I finally got little dude back into the enclosures.

Right about that time I realized it was an OBT that was running all over my hand. Hard pass for future attempts. I have already tested fate and got lucky.

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