Same avic from last post
I purchased this t as a sub adult that was missing a fang for 20 bucks. Now 2 molts later she is huge and beautiful and I'm looking for a male to breed her. The problem is do I use an avic avic or avic metalica or skip it to avoid watering down the line
@Noah Blades 20 bucks a steal. They didnt' know what they had. You have morphotype 6. However for breeding, you definitely shouldn't breed with a Avic avic at all. Here's why...all the morphotypes are not completely characterized, there is a good possibility the different morphotypes are unique species, but without DNA analysis we won't know. If you breed that with A. avic (w/red setae) you are mixing 2 different localities at the least, and at the worst 2 different species. For the good of the hobby, don't breed this with an Avic that isn't IDENTICAL.

Metallica typically can be larger than their A. avic "cousins". Their disposition is remarkably calm, most Avics aren't this calm.
@viper69 ya she is huge and pretty calm. I don't handle but she never seems skittish. I will likely not breed her unless I am more certain I know what she is. And what the male I find is. If she was mis identified than I could end up with a male with a mistaken ID also. I don't want to water down captive avics more than they already are.
@Noah Blades I agree. I own a couple of A. avics, and they are a more nervous than my metallica were. I think of metallica as gentle giants even though I never handled mine. You made a huge find..enjoy her.
@Ungoliant thanks I love her. She is awesome when she is hungry she will come to the far wall and I can help a superworms through the hole and she will run for it. First time I witnessed a t eat on the glass and could see the whole process. Amazing

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