Salticidae ID?
Little Grey Spider

Salticidae ID?

Closest I could find was Phidippus purpuratus which would fit location as well. Anyone recognize her?
@Sergic I'm unfamiliar with most Habronattus but coecatus group, which are very small. This was an immature but larger spider than any mature Habronattus I've ever seen. She was about the size of a penultimate Phidippus audax. But I did check your species on bugguide and they are recorded way out of my range. I'm in New England. I'll read your link more thoroughly when I have more time. Thank you for the reference!
@Little Grey Spider I know all the described species were caught at least near Arizona in the paper i linked, but I don't know how extensive the ranges of those species are. I've found spiders that I'm fairly sure were Habronattus that looked almost identical to your spider in Wisconsin, so I don't think Habronattus is out of the question. But again, I'm not great at identification, so if someone more knowledgeable thinks it's not Habronattus, I'd trust them.
@Sergic habronattus are usually more colorfull. they can see more colors than other spiders can. thats why most of them are red and blue

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