Sac opening day
Probably my current favourite overseas spider is A.Metallica, so cool to see them being bred. So how do the "morphotypes" work? Is there a difference between the words morphotypes and species? I haven't actually researched his too much
@RezonantVoid morphotype is a variation within the species. The A. avic morphotypes used to be considered all seperste species until a recent revision. This species (type #6) for instance, used to be known as A. metallica.

@CEC or @AphonopelmaTX are both more well versed in the specifics, maybe one of them can come along and explain more thourougly.
@RezonantVoid Avicularia metallica is a nomen dubium; there is some debate among hobbyists whether it's a distinct species or just a morphotype (variation) of Avicularia avicularia.

Most breeders use the conservative approach and treat Avicularia metallica as a different species. (If they are different species, you wouldn't want to interbreed them.)
I'm still referring to them as Avicularia avicularia "metallica". In case we're at risk of losing this species if people start breeding them with other morphs of Avicularia avicularia.
I'm jealous. I paired my two and my female never laid a sac. I have an immature male, so I am hoping that the next round is successful.
I have no doubt in my mind the many Avics that are merely A.a. are in fact either subspecies, or unique species. I could be wrong on this, but I doubt it.
I think I need to claim the tiny one trying to walk out of the egg sac, she was trying to get in my pocket and come home with me!

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