S.heros heros having some honey

S.heros heros having some honey

All 6 of my S.heros took a bit of honey this evening
Is that common to give to centipedes or what inspired you to feed them honey? Just curious! :)

Are those spines I see on the feet or is that how their tarsi appear? I mean, are they additional weapons or just for climbing?
@ErinM31 centipedes will eat alot of unconventional foods, I've fed banana, honey, fruit smoothie, mango, salmon, and I've heard wet catfood, chicken livers, and other non conventional items. Knowing of this willingness for them to take non living prey, and a personal love for honey, i figured why not. Its also not cheap honey, it's imported from NZ so I'm not too worried about adulterants in the honey.
@REEFSPIDER I had no idea — thank you for the info! I wonder if centipedes in the wild have been observed to be omnivorous? I would expect so if they eat such a variety in captivity!
@ErinM31 they have been observed scavenging in the wild, I recently heard of a S.polymoropha that was found on a roadway actively eating a deceased roadkill rattlesnake. As for the tarsi on their legs, i believe it is just for grabbing/holding onto things although they will stab with them defensively and people who experience this report an itchy reaction sometimes. Spaced that part of your first question my bad :cigar:
@REEFSPIDER Very interesting! :)

No worries! The tarsi look super pointy in the photo but I thought surely they could not inject venom with their tarsi as well! That would be overkill! Perhaps they have other secretions for defense that people find irritating especially if the skin is pricked by the tarsi? I am realizing how very little I know about centipedes!

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