S Calceatum is this a female or male? [1/2]
Is it female or male? I have other photos. Let me know if it's no good and I'll try to upload a different photo
A little difficult to tell. If you could get a picture a little lower down and closer to the book lungs then it would be easier to give you a more confident judgment. Based on this image, I can see resemblance of both male and female characteristics, and I don't wanna give you a blind guess lol, but if I had to make a call on this picture alone, I'd say..female? The placement of the book lungs is why I'm leaning female. Also, appears to MAYBE have a spermithicae slit, but I can't tell that for sure. Are you hoping for one or the other (male or female)?
I THINK it is a male... but I can't really be sure. I would try to get a better pic just to make sure.
@Drea well, the tarantula was very fast and very defensive when I tried to rehouse to a new home. It stood on its hind legs, ready to strike . Luckily it didnt get me!!
@Hizeki sounds like just like mine. I am so afraid to get tagged by these guys. Well, I don’t ever want to get bit but I know it could happen just like that.

I got tagged by a black widow about 4 years ago. Turns out, I was slightly allergic and after 24 hours had to go to the ER. So to get tagged by these scares the heck out me, but not enough to not have them. Haha love them to much.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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