Rose Hair?

Rose Hair?

These were both turned over to us as Rose Hair's. The second one however, is different and very aggressive. It has a green carapace and reddish purple rump. Sorry for the bad quality photo.
i think thats an A.versicolor

if you got it for the price of a g.rosea you got a good deallll congrats
That is for sure an Avicularia versicolor or "Antilles Pinktoe," or "Martinique Tree Spider." I paid $55 dollars for a 2" as stated by got a good deal! Look up the name on google so you can properly home and care for it. It's far different than the Chilean Rose!
What sort of substrate is that you're using? If it's bark or rock chips, as is what it looks like, you'd best replace it ASAP.

Kindest regards,

Kevin P.
just like the rest of the members said that for sure is an Antilles. you are soo lucky. congrats. Change that substrate.

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