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MM difficilis that no one wants :(
I must be the worst Tarantula owner simply because I'd want any and every T, no matter age, gender or breed. I'd take him and give him a happy life if I could afford him. :c
Aw sorry that no one want`s the little guy. It is really sad when you end up with a MM without getting any use of him before it is too late die of old age. :(:sorry:
That is one of the parts that i really hate. I got 3 MM i can`t trade away or sell , it is really annoying me. They make spermweb all the time but for no use. Sad to see. :sorry:

I'd definitely like him to have a chance to for "can't afford him", I'm selling him for $10 or giving him away with any purchase....still no one needs/wants him. He's got a good home, just no dates. Obviously you're in canadia, or I would give him to you.
@cold blood Well, It's good the little guy has a home at least, fingers crossed he'll find a flattering date soon! I don't know anything about breeding, so no idea what the chances are of his species making it out of a date before it turning into a dinner date for the lady, but I'll hope that goes in a positive direction as well. :D

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