Rescue frog/HELP!/advice?

Rescue frog/HELP!/advice?

So anyone familiar w/ my pets knows my reed frog penny. Yes that is a baby Whites next to him! The baby was brought home from a pet store yesterday when I was grabbing f/t rats and relized one off the frogs was very underfed and had a bad injury, anyone know if it can be amputated?(bottom right)
His left foot if you cant tell, seems to have been severly injured and proceeded to rot! It goes up to the joint :( ( and no the frogs will not be together longterm! I am well aware of whites feeding reputations and health risks of mixing species) i switched him from the tiny crickets the store fed him to wax worms to put on some wieght and have been helping him get around as his leg seems to cause pain when in motion any advice on how to treat would be appreciated :)
That poor thing :( I personally can't help, but I have a coworker who's nursed injured frogs back to health before (although I don't know if he's ever dealt with an injury that's actually rotting). I'll see if I can get any advice from him when I go in to work today and relay any info back to you
@PidderPeets thanks! Hes eating fine so far, im trying to see if i can teach him hand feeding like my other frog to make it easier for him to eat whithout attempting to lunge on that foot :(
@ChickenTaco I wasn't able to talk to my coworker (it was a super hectic day and he'said usually in a different area), but I didn't want to leave you completely empty handed so I did a bit of research myself. It seems like many people suggest using the fish antibiotic Melafix for injured frogs. While it won't heal the injury, it should help with any current infections and prevent any more. Some also suggested plain neosporin (not the kind with painkillers) as well as soaking the injury in contact lens saline solution until it recovers. I didn't look up amputation because I thought it might be better to try these options before taking such drastic measures. I'll try asking my coworker tomorrow if I see him, sorry I couldn't today

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