Relaxing in her hammock
Not a care in the world. Food just comes by unexpectedly. Water when she needs it and she sleeps on silk sheets. Spoiled.
I think of my Avic girl as a princess on her silk throne :embarrassed: Somehow the males seem to poop on the walls more and their webbing is way messier :rofl:
@WolfSoon Silk throne sounds so nice compared to what my B. albopilosum is doing. She must have two entrances to her burrow so she purposefully collapsed the corner of substrate on top of her, and piles it out in front of her hide for me, the garbage man, to come along and move it. Last night, right after I had cleared it all away, she just launched shit all over the side of her enclosure. Thank you Freya, thank you for showing me your true elegance.

Once the substrate pile gets too big, she'll sit there and push on it like "Hey asshole, you gonna move this out of my way or what, I've got a schedule to stick to here!"

Edit: Now my A. seemanni is trying to emulate her arboreal cousins by getting the freshly cleaned out water dish dirty with substrate AGAIN, as is tradition.
@Androxian Some of my terrestrials make a big substrate pile too, and it’s kinda satisfying just letting them deal with their mess. Until it gets too cramped in there or I haven’t seen them for a while and think maybe they’ll come out of hiding when the giant fluffy mound gets removed. :p
I can definitely relate to feeling like a janitor :D I like it when they dump their garbage in the water dish for easier cleanup, haha.
Kinda looks like mine.. what morf type is it, if you know?

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