Red Rump Feeding
I have this very tiny red rump, i tried feeding a half dead small cricket and its been in there for about a full 27 hours and it hasnt seemed to touch it. Should i be concerned with the lack of eating out of this little booger!?
First, I'd offer the T only half of what you got in there. That'd be a rather huge meal for such a small sling.

It's not a huge concern if a sling you just got doesn't eat, though most settle in almost immediately there is the occasional oddball that needs a little more time. The abdomen looks very small, perhaps as if it molted soon. Have you offered it water? It may be dehydrated. IME, a dehydrated sling will ignore food.
i agree with @Arachnophoric , a cricket that size is just rediculous you're basically plopping a whole grilled cow in front of it in the eyes of the T. Try something a bit smaller, even pinhead size if necessary
I will DEF. try the meal worms and i just figured if i killed the cricket it would eat what it wants! But thats good advice and Ill totally take it! And i have sprayed just one little spot on one quater of the container, including the wall.. is there other ways to offer water to these very little ones in such small containers?
Thank you guys (or gals) for responding also. I SUPER appreciate it! Im really wanting to learn all life stages of these babies. Ive had them about half dollar size and up just nothing this small! I appreciate you
@Gingapittys Wholly depends on whether or not the container can fit it, but for very small slings I like to use those shallow caps you find on cheap plastic water bottles. If you can't fit one in, though, you should be good to keep doing what you're doing.

It's never a problem! Raising slings from such a microscopic size can be quite intimidating, but the forums are here to help.
A little update is that this baby has eaten!!! I sincerely thought it wasnt going to make it. But 2 meals later were looking a little better!

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