Really basic arboreal sling enc.

Really basic arboreal sling enc.

I know that i did it wrong for a arboreal sp. but i i have read that they live semi-arboreal so it shouldnt be a problem and yes i am missing a cork tube or a piece but i didn't have money but fortunatelly ill be gettin one or two this week.
What species is it? And not having money is no excuse, considering you should have gotten the correct enclosure and supplies necessary for a tarantula -before- you purchased the tarantula.
@miss moxie It is a P.Irminia and from what i have red and everyone i know that kept this genus told me that as sling they are semi-arboreal a from what i see she loves one of the leafs an made a half air tunnel and half burro so i think this one is ok.
@Jaxe I keep several Psalmopoeus species-- reduncus, irminia, and cambridgei. I've also worked with pulcher in the past. This is not a suitable enclosure. You don't even have a water dish for them. Also, your tarantula doesn't 'love' anything, or 'hate' anything for that matter. Tarantulas don't have the complex nervous systems necessary to feel emotions. Even their 'fear' is instinct driven rather than an emotion. This tarantula -is- arboreal despite making it's home near the bottom. It needs to be offered more height, it should have a piece of vertical cork bark, and it needs a water dish. Here is a video of a Psalmopoeus irminia tarantula submerging themselves in their water dish. This isn't typical behavior, but it's enough evidence that your tarantula needs a constant source of water and will not drown.
And here are some threads that have a lot of good information for Psalmopoeus keepers.

Here are pictures of how I keep my Psalmopoeus. These are pictures of Poecilotheria, but the enclosures for my Poecilotheria and Psalmopoeus are identical because they have very similar care needs:

@miss moxie Thanks for the info i am working on a new enc. in the mean time but i must tell you this the wares in my country for keeping T's are opportunistic and really hard to get and I didn't want to use a glass jar because i know what can happen even with wentilation holes soo yeah. But i asure you that the enc. iwork on right now will be much better.

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