Pterinopelma sazimai?

Pterinopelma sazimai?

I just want to double check that this actually is a P. sazimai. I know not to expect that bright blue that's portrayed in oversaturated pictures, but I would still think there would be at least a little blue. She's about 3 inches
Tom Moran has at least one video on them that kinda explains when to expect the blue to show up. Earlier stages it is only noticable under light. However, the one I have is still a fairly your sling so I can't say if that is one or not.
@The Grym Reaper She's never shown any blue like that, not under any type of light. I just took this picture today, and she's only about 2.5 months past molt, so it's not like she'd be super faded. I have a second one that should be from the same sac, and he's not very blue either, but even he's more blue than this one
Also.. there seems to be some more colourful sazimai specimens in the hobby. They are claimed to be selective bred or something like that. Not sure how much I believe of that though.
@Ztesch My suspect male is about the same color as yours under just the right light, but the female has no blue no matter how you look at her. But I guess she's just bland looking.

@The Grym Reaper That's a good point. I don't remember her ever looking different from this, but it could just be my memory. I was planning on selling her, but after this I'll be waiting for another molt. So I'll have a chance to see if it's just faded color

@KezyGLA That's very interesting. I wonder if it might just be normal variation, because I have 2 sacmates, and the one seems at least noticeably more blue than this girl

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