Pterinochilus murinus
Not @boina, sorry, but if you're asking about that bit of mould, it's probably nothing to worry about. But to be honest, I'd rehouse whatever T is in there anyway. I would never house a T in a glass jar, there's just no way to get proper/cross ventilation. Something you really should consider, especially when you're seeing mould. :)

If this wasn't your question and you need to make @boina aware of this, you have to post a comment and mention her (like I just did). ;)
The tag didn't work because you put it in the picture description - I only saw @Thekla 's tag ;).

Well, it looks like a tiny bit of mold. Since you keep your OBT in there it really doesnt matter, just let it dry up. Still, like Thekla, I'm not the biggest fan of glass jar enclosures. You can't ventilate them well enough and I'd give an OBT more horizontal space. Your choice, though.
@Thekla no, thank you! that was my question exactly cus i had my suspicions but wasn't sure but any replies are always welcome :) and i know mold isn't an issue but wasn't sure cus get this...... it's my obt sling enclosure lol which is DESERT BONE dry but watered that area of the sub a few days ago but as u said, guess it didn't dry all the way cus of the lack of ventilation. thx again :)
@boina oh that's why lol, thank you :) but i assure u it does have enough space, it's a big mason jar filled with sub :)
@boina @Thekla forgot to add that this is my only t where i used the mason jar concept lol cus i found it laying around and thought it'd look cool but i'll put it in a deli cup anyways, thx for the help :)

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