Psalmopoeus irminia

Psalmopoeus irminia

This was snapped on a microscope at 4x. I don't have a good reference point, but my guess is male. Anyone?
That looks pretty female to me. I might be crazy but aren't those two structures that look like two horns where the male deposits his sperm into?
as far as I know males of most species have nothing of the sorts. please someone correct me if i am wrong, cuz i also posted a picture today and would like to be sure of my stuff.

PS, check this link, they are all pictures of female Spermathecae:
I've got a second irminia so hopefully I can tell its sex after its next molt. Having a pair would be nice, but I'm also thinking about getting another one. If I have to purchase a male, so be it. :) They are amazing-looking tarantulas.
woooooooow amazing pic. it definetely looks like a female and thanks to people like you we all learn something new ;)
i thought at first it was a male too because i thought those two things were epiandrous fusillae or aka sperm spinnerets. any help on this one?

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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