Pretty mystery brachy
Got this guy at petco. They had it labled as a $30 pink toe. Heavy premolt. Crickets everywhere. They usually sell em for $100. Sexed the molt as male. Wont be breeding or selling until i know what species.
If anyone knows who i might ship a molt to to have it identified, that would be great.
Also i didnt know he was missing a leg until after he molted and i noticed one looked funny.

@weibkreux thats kinda what I'm hoping for.
Wow ok, whats goin on here, i thought it was a little harder to differentiate between the various brachypelma?
@JoshDM020 your probably thinking it's an smithi ex. annitha (aka Giant Orange Knee), but smithi ex. annitha are more orange than black on the carapace. Some are hybrids, because people use to breed them together without noticing the difference. But i'm pretty certain it's hamorii.
@Liquifin I understand the classifications and how they've changed and stuff, I just didn't realize it was as easy as the size/shape of the black spot to tell some of them apart.
It is difficult to classify them. Since the B. smithi (ex annitha) was probably paired with the B. hamorii (ex smithi) by their similarity, many could simply be hybrids.
I would just watch her color change with each molt. If the carapace is more black than orange and the margins narrow, it is a B. hamorii.
It does depend wildly on what species you are trying to identify and how long the person trying to identify that species has been in the hobby. Some species are just super easy to distinguish between while others are very similar to the untrained eye. For instance, even the most newby T keepers could spot a P. metallica a mile away while most members of the Avicularia/Caribena Genus look really similar (with some exceptions). Another factor is that B. hamorii is significantly more common than a lot of the other "orange on black" T's.

Since I haven't really been at this for very long I wont claim to have the definitive answer, but it looks exactly like my B. hamorii (Mexican Red-Knee).

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