Has she refused food lately? and has she moved from that spot in the last few days? I noticed the fine layer of silk, like a blanket, all around her. My B. hamorii made a "silk blanket" when he molted out in the open like that.
The abdomen looks slightly darker like it's heading towards premolt, but not like it's about to molt any time soon. That bald spot on it's abdomen will turn black when it's really close to a molt
It didn’t eat for A while. But It ate a Dubai roach like last month. It just moves away from food. It’s been pretty active roaming its enclosure. But usually just sits there in the same spot.
Ok, yeah. It could be approaching a molt, but it also could just be well fed. Or both... As said above, watch for that bald spot to darken up. If it does, a molt is right around the corner. After that, and after waiting a 7-10 days, she should be plenty hungry again.
My Albopilosum had a huge butt and bald spot for months before she molted. Her butt was that big I actually thought she was gonna pop! Even when the bald spot turned black it was another few weeks before it happened. One day I noticed she’d made a silk blanket like @Beedrill described and also webbed all the front of her enclosure as though she was putting up curtains for privacy. She then molted 2 days later :)

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