This is my first T does this look like pre molt? She hasn't eaten for 2weeks abdomen looks silvery coloured in person? Any comments appreciated she hasn't yet molted in my care so it's new to me.
i would say no....2 weeks is not very long at all to be refusing food....especially if fattened fairly quickly
@Paul1126 thank you, I can see a pattern of darkness on there but the flesh is not peachy colour, she's a juvenile so feeding was a few crickets a week not sure if she's fasting or if the molts imminent
OK thank you so should I keep offering food or wait for a molt? Her abdomen doesn't seem to be shrinking anyway
the abdomen should never shrink. Just keep water available and wait. You can offer food, but dont do so often....give it a few weeks between feedings at isnt what it needs though, so dont worry if you get refusals....personally i just stop offerring food if im sure its pre molt as its generally pretty pointless.
@cold blood thanks but I'm not sure that it is pre molt that's why I'm asking for advice, and usually the abdomen goes down after a few days of not eating hence me saying it's not shrinking I don't know whether to stop offering food till after a molt or keep offering incase it isn't premolt? And waterdish is always full.
I can't really tell but it looks plump enough to not eat until the next moult.
Spiders are mental they don't need a lot of food.
You can probably offer every month from now on.
OK Thanks for your help I will no offer anything for a while and see how it goes :)

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