Powder Blue Pink Toe A.azzurklassi

Powder Blue Pink Toe A.azzurklassi

thats my girl....
meatface said:
what a beautiful specimen. is it skitish\poisionous?
It's an arboreal that shouldn't be handled... It is a very skittish species that does tend to show aggressive behavior. They're so-so in venom, not as much as pokies.

LOL , please don't use poisonous (they're not poisonous as some people eat them as delicacies with little health affects. Venomous is the correct word.
SpiderDane said:
I´m sorry to disappoint you, but thats a P. Irminia. 99% sure on that :)
yep! for sure just look them up you will have no question after that. but hey i just got one of these and love it your looks like a female males tend to be more brown"not always the case i know" and i dont hold mine very fast/mean well congrats on you P.Irminia:razz:

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