Possibly gravid?

Possibly gravid?

Wild caught Centruroides Vittatus, about double the size of my other scorpion I have had for about a year +/-. Anyone know for sure? Thank you!
P.s the picture above is just another one taken on the one I believe to be gravid, but here is a picture of my other scorpion for comparison. This picture was taken around November 2017 but is about the same size. (I named my first scorpion Shino, I believe he is male since he hasn't had babies and also he has never molted in my care, so I believe he is a mature male.) Here is Shino for comparison:
Ok, after seeing the side by side I have to believe that the new scorpion is definitely pregnant/gravid! It is obvious, isn't it!?! :happy::wideyed::astonished::rolleyes::D:p:pompous::p
@RezonantVoid : Thank you! And awesome update: She is pregnant/gravid! Besides looking like she is about to explode, I researched how to tell if the scorpion is pregnant and on site said you can almost see through on her underside and see the babies, sure enough today she was trying to climb through a narrow passage and had her belly against the glass and I could definitey see little babies in there! You can' make out the shape you can just make out little white spot like things inside her underside! I am so psyched but also nervous, I need to learn what to do and how to care for her and the babes. Can crickets eat her babies? I don' know, I will have to research it! I will post updates when she gives birth! Thanks again for your comment. I appreciate you!
@Dawnes1221 no worries dude, hope everything works out! I'm raising baby black rock scorpions ATM and I find by the time they are ready to catch food for themselves, extra small crickets won't even get the chance to attack them. Just as a precaution feed any crickets very well before introducing. Good luck!

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