Possible avic. Braunshauseni?

Possible avic. Braunshauseni?

Bought this as an avic avic, but the size (close to 6 inches) and the long satae on the hind legs makes me think otherwise. What do you think the species might be?
It’s size would be massive for A. Avicularia. It’s missing some distinct features for an A. Braunshauseni. It would show more burgundy in the hairs if it was. I not am sure what it is but it’s gorgeous for sure.
Could be a hybrid. The long hair is crazy. Avic avics have gotten watered down in the pet trade
@Drea Yea I thought the same but it was priced at an unsexed avic avic and too good to pass up. I do feel like the long hair on leg is not quite red enough for a Goliath, but unless a regular avic female can grow past 5 inches, I definitely don’t think it’s just a avic avic.
IMO Avicularia avicularia m#6. They do get 6-7"... unlike the smaller 4-5" max of m#1. These two morphotypes are by far the most common in the US because reptile suppliers are still filling shelves of pet shops across the country with wild caught specimens from Guyana where they share habitats.
@Shingoukiex1 I don’t think it is either. It kind of looks like an A. variegata But is too dark for that. However, yours has the same hairy legs.
@CEC I will be on the look for one of these. I have the smaller species but this girl is amazing.
You can always check the leg lengths to eliminate species although I'd be surprised if this wasn't a variant of Avicularia avicularia. Avicularia avicularia, rufa, and hirschii hind set of legs (leg IV) are 10% longer than the front set of legs (Leg I). We can eliminate the latter two species based on other characteristics. The rest of the genus have hind and front legs roughly the same length.

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