poss. H. Minax, not sure though, opinions?

poss. H. Minax, not sure though, opinions?

Found this guy at my LPS labeled as a vietnamese bird eater, picked him up, threw him on wood chips for the time bein cuz it was all I had, transfered him to cocofiber today but took these pics beforehand, anyone know if hes an H Minax or what?
My guess would be Haplopelma longipes. Not enough leg striping for H. albostriatum IMO
i say albostriatum. there can be less striping. i have seen it before. but longipes is also a good alternative ;)
I have the same specimen sold to me as H. minax.. I was told Criopagopus paganus, however some buddies think this (H. vietnam sp.) is actually a varient of H. von worthi...

Here is a second specimen I bought as H. minax, this one is pre-molt, the top is post-molt...


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