Port Neches, TX Spider

Port Neches, TX Spider

This spider was seen outside a house in a trailer park, mid morning. I have not been able to identify it.
Thanks Ungoliant. I see you on here frequently. I do much better with tropical snakes than spiders. I have literally hundreds of Ecuadorian spider fotos that I can't identify. Perhaps I can post a few now and then. I appreciate the help on this ID.
@Tukup I am less familiar with species outside of the U.S., but I can probably identify a lot to the family level.

BugGuide accepts ID requests from the U.S. and Canada.

Another place you can submit spiders (worldwide) for ID is Spider ID.
@Ungoliant. Thanks for the tip. Most of the pictures I have are jungle spiders. We've lived deep in the Amazon jungle for over 32 years and I have a ton of "wildlife" pictures. The insects and especially the spiders prove very hard for me to identify. I have joined Spider ID and submitted a picture to try it out. Thanks again.

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