Polyphemus Moth

Polyphemus Moth

Antheraea polyphemus. This is my first eclosure of the year, and it's a beautiful, big, fat lady. Just about a 4.5 inch wingspan
@Cas S Thanks! As long as everything goes according to plan, I should have a few more species to share pictures of in the upcoming weeks.
If yours is a female set her cage out at night in a dlightly elevated area anf she will call for a male but dont br suprised if a few males arrive. The eggs dont take too long to hatch however the the caterpullars produce insane ammounts of poop
@arachnoherp I raised a handful of different Saturniids from eggs a couple years back, so I'm familar with all that :) I think finding enough birch branches for them to eat everyday once they reached their 5th instar was much harder than dealing with all that poop! :rofl:
I fed mine on oak which was pretty easy to get. I am waiting on some io pupa to hatch abd would like to try my luck with cecropia and other saturnids
@arachnoherp I raised 13 cecropia to adulthood 2 years ago and they nearly ate me out of house and home! :rofl: They're definitely worth raising if you have the food though. I'd love to try io and imperial moths.

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