Poecilotheria striata female
miss moxie

Poecilotheria striata female

I -still- don't know where my ruler is, so.
@Thistles I know, I'm in love! Today is the first day she's left her hide since I got her and I kept getting up every 5 minutes when she'd walk somewhere new to get more pictures and watch her. Poecilotheria are absolute mesmerizing! She was sold as 7.5" and while I haven't been able to accurately attempt a measurement, I believe it. I know my hand is just over 8" from the tip of my middle finger to the heel of my palm, and I got this picture of her the day I unpacked her:


And to prove I have big giant man hands :rofl:: http://78.media.tumblr.com/a91e30b50042710fa66b7e73ea03285f/tumblr_ns9r8fTjiT1tiveumo3_500.jpg
Hm, I need to see how big my big girl is. I don't think she's quite that big, but I bet she's close. Pretty lady you got yourself.
@Thistles Too bad they can't lesbo-procreate, we could produce amazonian-striata babies.

@mack1855 Thanks! She's a surprisingly calm girl. I was able to open the exo terra up without her flinching, multiple times.

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