Poecilotheria regalis 02 juvenile
miss moxie

Poecilotheria regalis 02 juvenile

My 4 P. regalis slings all got new, bigger homes today. I'd prepared these enclosures for 4 new P. subfusca slings, but they ended up smaller than I expected. So the logical solution was to put the bigger spiders in the bigger enclosures and the smaller ones in the smaller enclosures.
@cold blood Look who got new homes today! They were all very well behaved, their mama must have taught them well. Send her my regards on her well-mannered chidruns! My new, smaller Psalmo slings put up more of a fight than these guys did. :rofl:
@cold blood Don't you mean "Industrial Grade Hemp"? :rolleyes:

Crap! I guess I should change out the ground coffee substrate I'm using for my new P. subfusca slings! They'll be jittery as heck and take up def poetry and smoking!

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