Poecilotheria ornata neeeds sexing

Poecilotheria ornata neeeds sexing

Post a picture of a dorsal view of your T. There are experienced keepers here who can sex a Pokie just by a dorsal shot.
If I am seeing right (very hard to see because it is on a bend in the plastic and light is hitting it weird) it seems to have the light colored "dot" so male but it would be easier with a clear photo of it laying flat on a flat section of plastic
Need a better pic, not sure why you thought this was a good pic, perhaps you didn't actually look at what you posted?

All Poki species can be done via the dot method as small as 2" generally. Hers's a male P rufi below
@Mojo288 hey i went and checked your method against mine and it totally checked out. The one i believe is female has dark carapce markings and the one i believe is male doesnt. Also the male is EXTRMELY green and the female much more purple.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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