Poe. Ornata 3"
Another poe ornata, 3", and again, guessing a male
Beautiful 100%

My Poecilotherias striata has just been confirmed female by molt. I loving winning the spider lottery.

Boys have thier place too, I just wish they lived longer. I am on that hunt for 6 males vs 2 females.
Congratz on that!
Not honest to say im happy with 2 male in a row but the pokies look beautiful no matter what sex they are :)
@Daedee two in a row is kind of a bummer. 3 is a charm? Or three strikes and you are out? Depends on what the third one is. :)
On the other hand, it’s very hard to find Poecilotheria in your state with the restrictions. Although, the ruling is that you may not buy a restricted Poecilotheria out of your own state, but you may loan your Poecilotheria male or female for breeding projects across state lines provided there is no cash transaction in the transfer or loan of your specimen. If there is a successful pairing, you and your male has the right to half of the off spring that can be transferred back to you across states lines as you are the rightful owner, all slings are Captive Breed, and there is no cash exchange between all parties involved.

Just a thought. If you get 20-30 slings, you will 100% have some females.

That law is so stupid to start with but at least they did make it so mating between state lines is possible. You may also give away and ship restricted Poecilotherias across state lines as long as it is captive breed and no revenue is exchanged between involved parties.
@Drea That only applies to the 5 sri lanken species...the other 9 have no such restrictions, although only 8 I believe are in the hobby.
@cold blood Yes and thank you. I should have been more specific. The OP has been blessed with two male P. Ornatas which are on that list of the five. That is what I would do if I could not locate a female within my state.

And I just realizing the OP lives in a different country. So I wasn’t really helpful. I tried. :)

PS. beautiful bass by the way. My other hobby is fishing unless it’s hunting season.

Nice...way to few outdoorswomen out there who genuinely love fishing and hunting.

Yeah, ornata is on that list...I just wanted to be clear as I thought you assumed it was all pokies.
@cold blood I truly wish more women would embrace it. When I was searching for a mentor, I only found two types. Men who’s wives didn’t hunt and would not allow thier husbands to be alone with me in the woods for a week. Understandable though.

The other group who were willing to teach me also wanted dinner and date. Ugh. I just wanted to eat a bear or deer.. at home... alone..

So I taught myself. I hung out at the cattle auction and helped people butcher thier animals. When I felt confident, off to the woods I went with my packback, tent, and my beloved Tikka T3 Lite .308 with a crome barrel, matching crome sight rings that hold a Nikon Prostaff 3x9x40. 3 shot MOA. Not that I would miss my first shot, but it’s still cool.

So sorry to go off subject a bit. There are only 3 things that excite me. Hunting, fishing, and spiders.

@Daedee I hope your next P. Ornata is a proper lady. Good luck. :)

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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