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Plz Help

i’m rlly not sure how or where to post this or how (site is rlly confusing) but my pink toe built a hammock and refuses food... he’s also balding on his abdomen... i thought he was molting but it’s been about a month... PLZ HELP

Plz Help
spidey123, Oct 15, 2019
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    • Thekla
      Just keep calm and wait. Leave it alone and make sure it has clean and unobstructed water. That T looks as if it would moult pretty soon (-ish). ;) It won't starve, don't worry. And a month is nothing in T terms... It's just as if you would leave out breakfast. ;)
    • Vanessa
      Your spider is very chubby and is likely refusing food either because they are not hungry, or because they are approaching a moult. There is nothing wrong with that spider - it has a great web and is nice and fat. Leave it alone, make sure that it always has a dish of fresh water, and wait until it moults.
      My guess is that won't be that long.
    • spidey123
    • Ungoliant
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    • spidey123
      @Ungoliant thank you!! i haven’t quite figured out how to work this site yet haha newbie here
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    Oct 15, 2019
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