Pls Help I.d ?

Pls Help I.d ?

Sold as L.Klugi
Yes that is lasi. looks klugi but thgey are hard to tell when they are that small. Could be parahybana but you wont know until it is big enough to look at the spermathcae.
like i said im the other pic, and now judging by this one, ID BET MY LIFE that that guy is a imm L. parahybana. i know, i know no molt to sex and no ventral shot, but i bet im right. Looks EXACTLY like lunchbox, my old parahybana that molted and matured out as a male. i feel POSITIVE on L. parahybana and due to the leggier, less stocky body (for that size) im assuming male
please vince, if i was right pm me or somethin. i gotta know lol and if it IS a male im assuming ( from date of photo and size of that parahybana, alone) its hooked out by now:(

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