Please sex my B. smithi
Sr. Chencho

Please sex my B. smithi

From the recent molt 4/4/07, for experienced keepers, plse sex my smithi.
Thanks for your reply. I made my novice attempt in looking for that little flap in females I've seen in pictures. I was not sure if I had stretched the skin far enough to take the picture thus avoiding breakage. If I want to remoisten, do I just mist it lightly? Again, thank you for your experienced opinion. Guess I need to find me a female T. I'll make sure to call on you for my next Brachy question.

definitely male- notice that the booklungs are in a "square" shape, whereas a female would have more of a "trapezoid" type shape, along with the sperm receptors.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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