Please ID

Please ID

Any help is much appreciated.
michaelcb said:
nice that you got a nice tarantula without even knowing it ;). B. emilia 100%
I've been out of the invert stuff for a while but recently acquired a couple collections locally. The sellers were unsure on much of what they had so I just wanted to confirm my suspicions. If you start doing image searches, especially for the Brachy's, you get lots of conflicting information and images that are posted up on hundreds of websites. I wanted to take it to a board where the competent people frequent. Thanks folks.
that's great though that you are smart enouh to ask people with experience in the hobby to help you instead of google search:p
Akitayoji said:
You have a B. emilia and you didn't know it? They are awesome Tarantulas :)
About 2 years ago I bought which was specified as a B. Emilia, she was about an 1-2", she grew to not be a B. Emilia but a B. Baumgarteni and female. Crazy what you can find that are mislabeled.

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