Please help identify

Please help identify

Found this T in the dumpster behind my apartment. Someone had thrown him out and i'd like to know what species so as i can care for hime properly
P.S. it's about three inches in diameter, spends alot of time in the top corner of the enclosure but then again its day one after finding it exposed to the weather of 10 degrees celsius for god knows how long. If a positive identification s made please reply with tips on general care,substrate for the species etc. And thank you for your help
That's a B. vagans! Great species, easy to take care of. Any of your typical 'strates will do...I use peat, but coco fiber, and vemiculite are also common. Vagans does fine with pretty low humidity, but make sure they have a nice, full water dish all the time.
Sad that it was found in a dumpster in 10 degrees celsius temps. Luckily someone who appeciates it, found it, because I don't think you could call the S.P.C.A. for a T, or could you?

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Tarantula Identification
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