Pink Toed
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Pink Toed

Can anyone tell me what species of Pink Toed this is? I know its dark but it has an orangish-brownish abdomen with a black line dead center down the middle and 3 dots on the sides of the abdomen as well.
A. Versicolor would be the species, if it's a pink toe.The common name "Pink toe" usually refers to a single species. Which is what this spider looks like at first glance.
Not a C.versicolor. As was mentioned, it looks like an Avicularia avicularia or a variation of that species. Not an A.metallica, because the fiber optic hairs would already be very obvious at that size.
My understanding is that the common name "pink toe" refers to A. Versicolor exclusively- I've never heard any of the other species within the genus refered to as "pink toe", neither have I heard any other genus referred to as such.
@kevinlowl if it's not a versicolor, then its not a pink toe, by definition. Therefore, My analysis is correct within the common name given. Unless you can document that other species within the genus have been referred to as "pink toe", which would be new to me.
@atraxrobustus I believe that it is you that needs to pay attention. Avicularia versicolor doesn't exist anymore - it is now Caribena versicolor. Those taxonomy changes have been posted and discussed both here and in every single online tarantula community that I am a member of. Feel foolish yet?
And just to be as nit-picky as you - the genus name is the only one capitalized and the species name is always lower case.

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