Phrynus whitei
I don't make it a habit of handling these guys - despite being fairly tolerant, they can bolt at a pretty decent speed. I was just wanting to get a decent size comparison photo during rehousing.
@aphono Martin at TarCan released a huge amount of species out of his personal breeding collection for the expo last weekend. It made me cry that I didn't have more room. I was only able to buy one more species - a female Phrynus marginemaculatus (Dominican Republic) that is slightly smaller than this tyke. I just didn't have the room... or the budget.
My C.Pescotti is absolutely tiny and the speed that thing has puts me off handling too. Not to mention they are almost impossible to remove from your hand once they decide to walk on
@RezonantVoid It seems to be a strange trait to amblypygi in general. Reluctance to move between different surfaces. The few times I had to bother them it was a challenge to convince them to walk off cork onto styrofoam.. and then another challenge to get them off the styrofoam back onto cork. It's strange. Wonder if it's sort of a survival mechanism in the wild to prevent falls or...?
@VanessaS That made me cry.. for you- you need more! And the variety available in Canada. I get shocked at seeing anything besides marginemaculatus, carolynae, medius and lately, Stygophrynus down here. Barely anything CB. Hope I change that by the time my little tykes mature.

What made you pick whitei?
@aphono I got two - this tyke and a Dominican Phrynus marginemaculatus female. I am growing very fond of the genus on a whole, actually. They seem to be very hardy, they are not as reclusive as my Euphrynichus and they get to be a good size for me.
Yes, I am growing very attached to them.
@VanessaS Would love to see your marginemaculatus & hope she's gravid, hehe! I have what are probably Florida stock. These do show social behavior but not completely peaceful. Similar to how lions are social cats- living and eating together but oh boy there's a bit of aggression between them. It's interesting to see behaviors the other species in collection(so far!) don't show. Sharing food, clumping closely & active behavioral interactions.

In my collection the whitei are easily the 'chillest'. Not skittish & voluntarily sit out in open and direct light quite often. I really like them a lot. Would love to stay in touch and see if yours turns out similarly to check if this is a general species characteristic.
@aphono I have taken photos of all of mine today and will add them to my photo thread a bit later once I've been able to get them off the camera. I will tag you so you can get a look at all of them... hopefully I have decent photos of all of them.

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