Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

Phrynus decoratus (Cuba)

Very freshly moulted and looking fabulous. ♥
@Arthroverts Tarantula Canada. Martin is an expert on Amblypygi and they have some of the best selection of species. He helped me a lot when I got my first two species last year.
I had originally ordered a 1/4" Phrynus decoratus (Dominican Republic) from them, but Martin offered me a larger/older one from Cuba from his private collection/breeding program. Of course I took the larger individual, since I'm new at Amblypygi and prefer if they are a bit larger. That 1/4" tyke was microscopic.
They won't stay these colours, though. They become more of an overall brown as they get older. This one is a juvenile and I'm getting as many photos as I can of him while he is sporting these colours.
Simply gorgeous. Too bad they don't keep those colors, apparently! How's the personality?

p.s. thanks for the heads up @Arthroverts I'd have missed this beaut!
@aphono This one is extremely chill compared to my other two. I'm not sure if that is an individual trait, or one for the species overall.
They are far more cooperative while photographing and not nearly as light sensitive as my other two. My Phrynus barbadensis is next when it comes to being chill and the Euphrynichus bacillifer is by far the most skittish and intolerant to light.
@aphono, the more I think about, the more were gonna have to do an import or something from Tarantulas Canada. These whipspiders are too gorgeous to pass up, even if they do brown out with age!


@VanessaS Thanks for that. In my experience with multiples of the same species, there's a general similarity between the same species. There are one or two that deviates from the 'norm' in some way of course. Hoping yours is representative of the norm.

btw- in my experience(don't have decoratus), the P. whitei are easily the chillest and least intolerant of light. These sit out in full room light all the time.
@Arthroverts You should really check with Martin and see what he's breeding at the moment. Their selection goes in peaks and valleys and they often have some pretty obscure species available. I'm not sure if they are breeding those, or importing them. I think they do a lot of breeding in-house of the Amblypygi.
@aphono They regularly have that species available and I was debating between them and the barbadensis.
@VanessaS, I want to, I just need to find out what it takes to get them into the US (as I would need to import them), and whether Martin would even be willing to ship them here.


Another person who you might want to check with is @wizentrop who also does some breeding of the less common species.
It is so very rare to see any species, besides Damon, available in Canada. Some of the species that TarCan post are gone in a heartbeat - including this one. It was extremely generous of Martin to offer me this individual.
Great, not only do I have to watch the AB classifieds zealously for when @wizentrop posts, now I'm going to have to start prowling the Tarantulas Canada website too ;):cool:!



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