Phormictopus so green

Phormictopus so green

My female phormictopus sp green just molted today and changed color. Does anybody have a actual full sp green that a green. The first pic is after the molt today. I'm honestly getting fed up with the dealers selling these and there not want was advertised.
This is the problem with Phormictopus. They usually go through a blue stage - slightly green stage - brown stage. After the browny stage they start to darken with each moult and get the colours. Even in some cases not starting to show proper adult colours until after 5" DLS

What size is your specimen?
Hmm, interesting. I have young female sp green, that looks pretty much like yours. But it was never brown, all blue as sling, and then getting more and more purple, now i think I see a little bit of green on femur.

And thats probably her mommy;P Its a picture of adult female sp green, available in the same shop I bought sling.
@obie you'd be surprised with them. My dominican purple turned purplish around 5". She was brown the moult before, green the molt before that and the rest prior was blue :wacky:

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