Phormictopus auratus?

Phormictopus auratus?

Phormictopus auratus?
I don't think the hairs on the abdomen ever get that red on a P. auratus, though I'm not sure what species this actually is.
^I was suspicious myself - it is a specimen I'm considering purchasing from a local source...

Here is what the seller states; "
I'm selling a suspect female 2-2.5 Cuban Bronze tarantula.

Phormictopus auratus. These are hard to find. Grow to be a gorgeous black, gold, and red.

I need to rehouse her due to needing more space. I'm in preparation to breeding A. geniculata (Giant White Knee's).

If you buy her, the container she's living in is included."
So yeah, any help is much appreciated...
I just purchased a Dominican Purple from Mr. Rossi and love her.
I'm definitely enthusiastic about the Phormictopus species, but would like to know what this specimen is for sure before attempting to purchase her...
My 2 cents, I was sold a p auratus from a reputable dealer. After it molts it looks identical to the one you posted. It definitely has the red hairs on the abdomen but it fades in premolt. I would say your is probably auratus as well but I always leave room for a little doubt. Mine may not be auratus but it looks identical to yours and was sold to me as auratus.
Well it looks alot like my supposed auratus. I'm gonna say I'm 99% sure it is auratus. I have 2 others from another reputable dealer and they are similar
Most pictures I have seen have red or Auburn abdomens. Slings are brownish if they are true auratis.
I do see a male available on Jamie's Tarantulas website available now - the image looks to be the same species as the one I posted...
I got my first supposed p auratus from Jamie's. On there other hand she also frequently sells Phormictopus Platus. Based on the info I have read, p Platus sold in the hobby is actually p auratus. Since Jamie apparently doesn't know this, I have some doubts about what she sells when it come to Phormictopus. On the other hand, I have purchased P auratus from "fear not tarantulas" and they look the same. So either Jamie's is selling two of the same species labeled seperately or her platus/auratus are something else. If I am not mistaken there is no such thing as Phormictopus Platus anywhere described in science. The BTS have a great article written on Phormictopus in the hobby if you haven't read it. You could probably Google it.

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