Phlogius Sp Goliath

Phlogius Sp Goliath

Excited to see this one out tonight. Even took a few laps around before going back into its hide. Palps are actually looking suspiciously bulbous at the ends...Wish it was on the other side of the glass so I can confirm!!
Definitely female shaped bulbs at the moment. If her legspan is over 12cm it's pretty safe to assume she's a grill
@Oompoofishy if you look at this picture, you can see her current ones are shaped reminiscent of arrow heads with little bumps at the end. This is what male ones look like.

This was my Rubiseta half an hour after his ultimate. Male pulps basically look like mini hooves while the females have that oval, arrow head shape :D
Here's one more from a spread out view

Pretty much any Phlogius male regardless of the species will get this exact colourarion. In this pic his bulbs are actually curled back under the pedipalps. With the female above being so dark and having the oval shaped bulbs, I think we can safely say you've got yourself a stunning lady!
@RezonantVoid So sorry! I was in the middle of my exams and liked your comment but forgot to reply. This is a cool pic! What did you use to take this photo? Also, when do you know that it’s a males ultimate moult? I’m trying to see the hoove vs oval shape but I think I need more practice. Time to go looking around for palpso_O
You'll know it's ultimate when it goes from completely brown to midnight black and sandy, paperbark colour. The colour shift is so strong it's basically unmissable. Other thing is the males will have identical shaped pedipalps to the females until their ultimate, which is why ventral sexing is always more accurate. My female Rubiseta is almost completely black, their pairing almost looked like 2 seperate species.
The hoof vs oval shape is on the very last/end segment of the pedipalps. My bad for leaving that out

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