Phlogius Sp Goliath

Phlogius Sp Goliath

The blue on her legs are unbelievable.
I think this is actually "sp. pq113/blue leg". That blue is so pronounced. Absolutely stunning and I'm super jealous! Amazing colours :D
@RezonantVoid I posted this on some of the facebook pages and people were saying the same! Man...I was wondering if it could just be the light bouncing off her legs? During the day, she looks completely black in colour.
@Oompoofishy yea I got a juvi and they are definitely one of the darker species. Unfortunately I believe the last molt we checked looked like a male, but that was when it was only around 4cm DLS and it's now around 10-11 so hoping it still might be female. Out of curiosity, is yours extremely bolty compared to your other Phlogius?
@RezonantVoid I’m still hoping this is a goliath! Even though PQ113 is hugh up on my list, goliath still takes the top spot. She’s definitely black in colour without the spot light and in normal day light. Hmm, when I rehoused her, she seemed okay. Like not over bolty. Quick but not like running all over the place. Someone commented that she looked like a he because in this pic she looked extremely leggy and has swollen palps. But I reckon it’s just the angle and shadows.
100% not a male in this pic for sure, not really sure how they got that idea. The colours are completely off for a male and palps look female to me.
I've never seen a Goliath with blue on it before and I know my one at least is very brown and lighter in colour than my pq113, but obviously colours can vary with individuals so there's still a possibility she is a Goliath. Great buy nonetheless, hope mine will turn out like this one day!

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