Phlogius Proserpine Sling
Jason La Porta

Phlogius Proserpine Sling

It seems like I'm the only Aussie that doesn't have this species at this point. In 12 months it'll probably be about 10cm DLS (Diagonal LegSpan)
Nice. Ive sold around 40 Proserpine slings in the last few weeks, there's a few out and about for sale atm
@RezonantVoid I was hanging out for you to come back from being overseas, had to move a heap of stock from the spider room to pack it up.
Give us a few weeks to sort myself out and will work something out
@Rhino1 if you have a handful of special inverts you want given extra attention while your moving, I may be able to help out for a week or 2 since we have some spare shelf space, at least temporarily

Sure thing, it's about time I stopped whining to myself to buy one :D

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