Phlogius Pq113
Jason La Porta

Phlogius Pq113

picked up this phlogius pq113 today. Was all stressed and curled up when i brought it home, has settled in after leaving it in a dark space for a few hours. managed to snap this photo before it bolted back into its hide.
Hey man nice score, it's looking pretty tight in the abdomen, try to get that T eating as soon as possible and make sure it has access to water. Good luck
@Rhino1 yea it was pretty stressed when i picked it up, it has a water dish in there now and he/she just took down a cricket and is currently eating and looking a lot better :)
Ah yeah at least it's in good hands now, I thought you would be onto it, shouldn't take long to put on some condition. These are a good species to keep and breed, I have a few slings I'm currently raising, every moult they show some good adult colour.
@Rhino1 Seconded, my A. seemanni was very narrow in the abdomen when I came into possession of her. But after a week of crickets and full water dishes, she began to plump right up. @Jason La Porta Try not to move the enclosure too much and let her settle in, and then see if she'll take food. If nothing else, like @Rhino1 said, make sure it has a full water dish of fresh water. I hope it does well in your hands!

I've made a discord server for individuals from AB to join and participate in. Please feel free to stop by and stay awhile, I'd love to have you there!
I've also seen people do "peace offerings" of sorts as well. Lightly crush the head of a cricket or a small roach and leave it in front of her hide to start her eating. That way prey isn't bolting all around the enclosure, and it has something to munch on.

EDIT: Didn't see that she's already eating. That's a really good sign. I think your T is going to be fine in your hands.
@Androxian yea I set up its enclosure and put it in a seperate quite area in darkness to settle in, after a couple
Of hours it had webbed up a bit and took down the cricket and ate it.

Thanks anyway for the tips and advice! I appreciate it a lot :) hopefully it will start plumping up, its already way more active and looks better :)

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