Phlogius crassipes "Airlie"

Phlogius crassipes "Airlie"

I've got a few of these guys now, the mother of this one has to be, by far the biggest T I've ever seen, in 20 years of doing this.
Hey mate, holy balls you need to see this thing, the guy wouldn't even let me take a photo, I tried buying it off him and he wouldn't budge at 700 and I must have got too excited as he ended up asking me to leave (politely). I put my hand up against and it had at least 4-6cm more, I measured my handspan at 19.5 cm when I got home.
It's in a 4 ft tank and could almost touch each side on the width side of things, I did purchase another two 6 month old sub adults from him.
He says it was big when he got it and has had for around 12 years.
My estimate would be 23-25 cm legspan, it's like looking at my tarantulas but through a magnifying glass, the sheer mass of it just blew me away.
@Rhino1 far out, thats a size like what I've heard rumoured about with P.C. "Hampden". You'd have to feed that thing defrosted rats at that size!

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