Phlogiellus sp

Phlogiellus sp

Phlogius crassipes "Kuttabul".
For those that think all Aussie T's are a uniform shade of brown obviously haven't met my girl "blue".
@RezonantVoid possibly mate, can you tell me what to look for?
Although her parents and siblings have that typical phlogiellus gunmetal grey look and I only kept her as a sling cos she was one of the fastest growing slings.
These ones are about 18 months old now
@Rhino1 blue leg has typical shape and patterning but get that blue styrofoam colour to them as they mature. I have a juvenile male currently so pretty disappointed I wont be getting such an impressive blue specimen
Yeah sweet he should still get at least some flush of colour after a moult if even for a short period, I've been putting together all the information I can find on each species and trying to find out every little detail of the micro environment that they live in as I have a plan I'm working towards, but once I started putting all the pictures together it occurred to me that we have some gorgeous T's with great variations in colour, I know there's prettier T's out there but we are lucky with what natives we have
@Rhino1 to be fair, I think having access to exotics would destroy our appreciation for the native genus we have, so while I agree they are prettier I'm happy to stick with the ones we got here. I do have a C.Tropix that remains blue for several weeks after molting, kinda like C.Brachyrosa so hoping that will become permanent colouration at adulthood. Also, your welcome to take my male once he's mature, currently 12 months old so not too fair behind yours
I do like the idea of that and have successfully mated several times so I'm on the ball as to when it's done and when to intervene etc.
You would take half the slings yeah

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