Phidippus audax saved from death by a jack in the box employee.

Phidippus audax saved from death by a jack in the box employee.

One of my daughters friends works at Jack in Box and heard a co work scream, “ ekk a spider! Kill it!!” He ran over there with a cup and stopped another employee from smashing this poor beautiful creature. He called my daughter to call me to come and complete the rescue operation. Rescue complete.
To complete the story.
Joey the jumper (his new name) has been released in my herb garden to hopefully find a mate and will not lack in food supply.

I hope to see him again someday. Enjoy your spared life little buddy.
You find in California? If so, likely the look alike species, Phidippus audax... Phidippus regius have a smaller distribution range of southeastern US (mainly Florida).
BugGuide does have one find from Arizona, but it's possible it's an accidental additive and not indicative of P. regius spreading westward.

A dorsal shot can be a good way of distinguishing between the two species where they ranges overlap. P. audax has iridescent scales on the abdomen with flat (matte) patches of black, whereas P. regius does not.
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@Ungoliant Thank you you ma’am. :)

:) AB must keep you guys busy. This forum never sleeps. It’s like Vegas but without the questionable clubs.

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