Pelinobius muticus [ventral sexing]
Can anyone pls help? I don't know much about ventral sexing as people said that it is not 100% sure. Here is my KBT. Can anyone help me identify if it is a HE or SHE? Thanks fam!
I'd say male. The line between the book lungs is more straight as oppose to being a curved "U" shape. But the spreading of the book lungs is more similar to female. So you've got a toughie. I'd wait for a molt to be 100%
I am practicing my vent sexing but lack skills. I am just starting the art of identification by ventral. I would say possible female. I wish T’s could molt on demand, but this is fun too. The anticipation and excitement when you have raised a sling and discover it was a spider lottery that you just won with a female.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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