Panama arboreal
Julien NKS

Panama arboreal

Hi everybody, encountered this beautiful specimen in Panama (Darién national park, close to the border of Colombia). It could be a Psalmopoeus but kinda lacks the 'feathery' legs, I was thinking maybe Tapinauchenius ? Any help would be greatly appreciated !
Yep, but isn't T. plumipes supposed to live in Trinidad and the Guianas (a bit far from Panama ^ ^) ? and btw, I don't know if there is any Tapinauchenius species being described in Central America.
No, there isn't any Tapi descrived in Central America, so this is interesting...
Yeah, you're probably right (and thanks for taking the time to comment)...but still, something is bothering me. The general look of the spider didn't scream "Psalmopoeus !" to me (usually the genus has an unmistakable style).

I tried to look for a picture of P. Intermedius (Panama) and P. Emeraldus (Colombia) to check but I doubt there's any.
@Julien NKS I am no expert I just tried my best. From the pictures I have seen of P reduncus they look like they don't have the feathery legs of some of the others in the genus. Out of all the pics I have seen that seems to match the one you found. Good chance I am wrong just tried my best

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