Pamphobeteus ?

Pamphobeteus ?

I was sold this spider as a Pamphobeteus platyomma. It is a recent molt. It went from a brown overall color to this dark blue with reddish abdomen. It is a confirmed female via molt ID.
Thanks for the response. I didn't think she was a pampho. I have a nigricolor so I'm not upset. Besides, I think Lasiodoras are pretty.

Any other ideas?
From reading about them the LP seems to be a likely candidate. This thing went from about 3" legspan to about 4.25". Incredible.
The way she looks at the picture, she's pretty much like my own L. Klugi/Difficilis. Some still thinks she's a Parahybana, but since the red colour of her opisthosoma hasn't changed after her last molt (which is some time ago), others think she's more likely to be a L. Klugi or a L. Difficilis. I've learned that the red colour on Parahybana tends to become less red as the times goes by (until next molt).

So since your tarantula was brown before molting, I'm guessing she's a Parahybana.

Anyway, check out the picture of my Lasiodora, and read the answer below :)
I know it's a bit late, but Pamphobeteus sp Platyomma have the characteristic orange abdomen/black christmas tree appearance as slings which would've been a dead giveaway.

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