Pamphobeteus sp. machala sling/juvenile

Pamphobeteus sp. machala sling/juvenile

It hasn’t lost the sling colors yet but my pampho is close to 3 inches now. I’m thinking.. dude?
I wanna say female. A little hard to tell because the pictures are so close up that it was difficult to orient myself lol but I'm fairly certain I see a spermathecae "flap" in the top picture, but it could just be something else laying on top of the abdomen molt.. At least it looks like one (the transparent flap that you pictured in the top one). Is the bottom picture just a picture of the end of the abdomen? Like the anus area? I'm trying to find any sort of landmarks (book lungs or something like that) and I don't see anything to orient myself. The top picture makes me say female though.
@IncoherentScreeching The booklungs are fully visible, albeit a bit shredded. This molt was very chewed up, but you can see them as the white objects on the sides of the flap.

The bottom is the very same area, but I draped it over the end of a cottom swab to try to get a better view, so the light reflects differently off of it.

I think what looks like developing spermathecae *might* just be a crease where the molt was twisted, but to be perfectly honest, that's what's tripping me up, too. However, on the second photo of the same area, you can see an odd circle of skin in the center above the flap that looks like a developing male's epiandrous fusillae.

This is still a very young tarantula, so it may be too soon to tell. :/

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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