Pamphobeteus sp.esmeralda ?

Pamphobeteus sp.esmeralda ?

I purchased a couple of these from a private collection a few months ago. They were sold to me as Pamphobeteus sp.esmeralda. Can anyone confirm that or do I need to wait till they get bigger to get a definite I.D.? They are right around 2-2.5".
Unfortunately, the chances of getting a good ID even when adult may be tricky. I think all you can say is it's an Ecuadorian Pampho.
@KezyGLA would it be doubtful they are esmeralda? It's not that I don't trust the source. Pamphobeteus are a new one for me.
based on that picture it looks like something from north ecuador.
so there is a good chance for sp ESMERALDAS.
i would sort out sp. MACHALA, sp. DURÀN sp. S-ECUADOR and sp. PLATYOMMA too.
is there a picture maybe in first or second skin?
@YakFisher could be sp. esmeraldus. It might not be though. Thats the annoying thing about Pamphs. Especially when a lot of Ecuadorian in the hobby are mongrels
@KezyGLA yeah I can imagine there would be a lot of cross breeding with a lot of them looking so close to each other. We could treat them like ball pythons and and start crossing the colors and naming them stupid things. lol

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